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Dear Mama: - Ookademus "Ookman" Mahoney
October 15th, 2008
09:37 pm


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Dear Mama:
Today marks the two year deathiversary of your passing, and although I manage and cope with this intense heartache every day, you are someone I will never get over or passed.

You were more than a mother to me. You were my Best Friend for 35 years. Your love is branded on my heart and your memory is etched in my mind, and that's the part I am eternally grateful for. Without you there would be no me, and because of that, I will fight and scratch my way out of this paper bag and make you proud of me.

One day we will meet again, m'friend. Until then, keep the coffee warm and help guide me through this labyrinth so I can find you safely. Your energy still gets me out of bed even on my worst days when I just want to throw in the white towel.

I miss you more then words can express, and I love you more then I've ever loved another human being. You're my number 1. You're my hero, little one.

Always and forever.

Your loving daughter,


Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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