Ookademus "Ookman" Mahoney

"The Guy"

The Adventures Of A Teenage Plushie!
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The Birth Of The Ookman: He was purchased at the cigarette and Lotto counter at Safeway in 2001 by my brother and was soon discovered that same year wrapped around a candle abbra on Christmas morning by the moderator of this community: motherevol. The Guy will be four years old this up and coming holiday. Be sure to pre-order him his bananas and beer in advance. He's very demanding.

What Is The Ookman? The Ookman is a plushie, but most of all he's a hooded thugged out monkey that resembles Billy Mahoney from the movie Flatliners. He likes to snoogle late at night, but will be the first to beat you in the heady if you accidentally roll over and mush his face or drool on him. He likes teh love just as long as it's not the retarded variety.

Does The Ookman Have A Girlfriend? Yes, and she's a skank hoor monkey by the name of Butta. She was a pretty plushie that was purchased from a gift shop until time and drug addiction took its toll on her. Her fur is now matted and she's filled with disease. The Ookman detests her, but since it was an arranged marriage by his Grandmother he feels compelled to use her for sex and her ability to make amazing fried banana sandwiches. He pawns her off on Fat Bear (aka: Schooboo) every chance he gets.

Who The Hell Is Fat Bear? Schooboo is a black bear that was stuffed by motherevol at Build-A-Bear and was given to her brother on Christmas 2002. He is The Ookman's best friend, but in recent months he has moved into a new home after the bro got hitched. Ookman is quite upset by this because he no longer has anyone to wrestle, pick on or FSU with. Visitation happens very infrequently and there's some animosity brewing between friends since neither of them know how to use a phone. Their mitts are way too plushy and mighty to dial out.